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Medical Relocation Assistance for Seniors

Are you faced with a situation that makes it favorable to have your loved one live nearby? There are many times those families members live at distance from one another and wish to relocate their loved one closer. Our nurses at Seniorís Choice Care Management, makes relocation assistance for seniors possible from one state/city to another.

We take your worries away with wondering how to coordinate this relocation process. Your loved one is safe with a Registered Nurse overseeing all their care needs during the whole medical relocation assistance†process. They would assist with:

  • Oxygen and medication management
  • Incontinence
  • Blood glucose monitoring
  • Vital signs
  • Oversee medical needs
  • Wheelchair assistance
  • Keep patients with Dementia and memory loss feeling safe
  • Nutritional needs

The nurses at Seniorís Choice Care Management use commercial airlines and/or ground transportation to coordinate bed to bed, door to door transfer. We research the most cost effective and safest means of transportation for this medical relocation assistance process. We plan a complete thorough itinerary, taking into account healthcare needs of your loved one. Be assured knowing that the nurse does not leave your loved ones side till they are safe and sound at their destination.

We are here for you for medical relocation assistance for your loved ones. Give us a call today to discuss your needs and concerns. We look forward to assisting you.


When my father's health declined rapidly, my mother lost her sole care-giver. We had to hire 24/7 aides to care for her while my father was in and out of hospitals 400 miles from any family. My brother and I were struggling to care for them from a distance, and every time we visited and returned home, another disaster struck! Laurie helped us through a rough time relocating two very frail parents so that we could enjoy their company and also participate in their care. She was always available with an encouraging word and was able to open doors and advise us when our parents' care-givers were just not responding. Laurie and Angela were absolutely adored by both parents, and are still fondly remembered by the whole family. This is a caring, professional and totally reliable group. †Highly recommended to anyone who needs help and advice on most any aspect of elder care!

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